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ZHENHUA was established in the bustling city of Shenzhen, China, in 1997, stands proudly as one of the trailblazing manufacturers of injection molding machines. Rooted in the rich tradition of craftsmanship, the spirit of continuous improvement and independent innovation runs deep in the veins of every ZHENHUA team member. Through unwavering dedication and collective effort, we have achieved remarkable progress and rapid growth, propelling us to new heights in the industry. Join us on this exhilarating journey of innovation and success!

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With a legacy of over 30 years in maintenance and manufacturing, ZHENHUA Machinery brings forth personalized, top-notch machinery rooted in the "thin wall high pressure" injection molding design principle. Our machines are built for efficiency, boasting standardized accessories for easy procurement and maintenance, empowering our customers to enhance production efficiency while reducing costs.

Backed by years of expertise in mechanical structure, oil circuit, circuitry, mold structure, and plastic technology, ZHENHUA Machine holds a wealth of knowledge. Our state-of-the-art CNC precision processing equipment serves as a robust assurance of quality and impeccable after-sales service, alleviating any concerns.

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