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auto part Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machine


Bumpers and other exterior parts are crafted using a variety of materials, including PP+EPDM, PC/PBT, and talc-modified products. PP+EPDM is commonly used for injection molding bumpers for mid-range cars, while high-end sedans often utilize PC/PBT.

2. Dashboard

Dashboards come in two variations: hard and soft, distinguished by their surface texture. Hard dashboards are typically created through injection molding, employing materials such as PP+RALC or PC/ABS. Soft dashboards feature a framework injection molded with PC/ABS, PPE, or PP+EPDM+T20, and are coated with PVC dip coating powder, PVC/ABS sheet, or PU.

3. Center Console Panel

The center console panel serves as a prominent component within the car interior, significantly impacting the dashboard’s aesthetic appeal. It requires excellent surface treatment for personalization and should facilitate easy installation and removal during electronic maintenance. Commonly used materials include ABS and ABS/PC, combined with surface painting, chrome plating, wood grain water transfer printing, and more.

4. Air Vent

Car air conditioning systems rely on air vents that are frequently adjusted and exposed to airflow with changing temperatures. The materials used for these vents must possess high heat resistance, impact resistance, flexibility, and dimensional stability. Blade materials often consist of PA6 or ABS/PC, vent seats are made from ABS or PP+T, and PP+T is chosen for the damper blade framework.

The examples above highlight just a few of the key components found in automotive interiors and exteriors, all of which require injection molding equipment for production. ZHENHUA Plastics Machinery proudly offers comprehensive support to the automotive manufacturing industry.

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