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Electronic Components Industry

Electronic Components Industry injection machine

With the electronic components industry, manufacturers of electronic products are placing higher demands on the protection of delicate components within their products. As a result, Low Pressure Molding (LPM) has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional encapsulation processes.

This cutting-edge method of electronic packaging involves coating and molding, requiring less time, lower temperatures, and reduced pressure.

Introduction to Low Pressure Injection Technology:

Low pressure injection molding technology involves heating thermoplastic polyamide materials until they become liquid, and then injecting them into pre-designed molds to encapsulate the electronic components that need protection.

The material is then cooled and solidified into the desired shape. This simple process can protect sensitive circuits from environmental damage.

Low pressure molding technology was initially used to improve the overall encapsulation process for all components in the automotive industry. As the importance of protecting PCBs and circuit boards has increased, the use of LPM has spread to various products in the medical, military, lighting, industrial, and consumer industries.

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