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Hardware Industry

The characteristics of hardware industry and plastic parts themselves, as well as the differences in molding processes, mean that the connection methods between them cannot be directly copied from the connection methods of plastic parts. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the design of hardware parts.

For example, the snap-fit of a plastic part has a certain elasticity, allowing it to be snapped in place through elastic deformation during assembly. However, the snap-fit of a hardware part cannot be designed based on the structure of a plastic part. Firstly, it would be difficult to mold, and secondly, the snap-fit would lack elasticity.

If it is necessary to forcibly snap-fit, the elastic arm of the snap-fit must be designed longer to allow for elastic deformation.

Principle: Considering cost, due to the advantages of plastic parts in the molding process, their structures can be designed to be more complex and their shapes can vary. Therefore, it is often preferable to prioritize simplifying the structure of hardware parts to achieve their connection with plastic parts.

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