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Household Industry

Household injection molding machine

How are plastic chairs, a common household product, produced?

Here are the steps involved in making plastic chairs through mold production:

1. Design the chair mold. Determine the geometric shape, dimensions, and appearance of the plastic chair. Create a model of the chair mold.
2. Manufacture the chair mold. Our team at Chennuo Mold Manufacturing will use advanced equipment and technology to produce the chair mold for you. We will select a suitable injection molding machine to create an efficient plastic chair molding line.
3. Close the mold, set the pressure, and initiate the production of plastic chairs.
4. Injection. Control the injection speed by adjusting the injection pressure. You need to regulate the injection process within a certain timeframe.
5. Maintain proper pressure and temperature to ensure that the plastic chair can be molded well within the mold.
6. Cool and demold the chair.

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