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LED Industry

LED injection molding machine

LED industry application scope encompasses but is not restricted to the following areas:

LED Light Bulbs:

Manufacturing LED PP PC diffusers, housings, covers, and lampshades.

Toy Production:

Creating various spherical toys such as footballs, basketballs, table tennis balls, golf balls, and more.

Packaging Industry:

Crafting diverse spherical packaging products, like plastic spherical bottles and containers, suitable for industries such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Energy-Saving Lamp Production:

Designing lampshades for energy-saving lamps, enhancing the lamps’ appearance with beauty and precision. Utilizing bulb injection molding machines, lampshades of different shapes and colors can be manufactured in accordance with design requirements.

Automotive Parts Manufacturing:

Producing spherical or rounded components for automotive parts, including spherical connectors, spherical switch buttons, and more.

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