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Logistics & Packaging Industry

Household injection molding machine

Blow-molded pallets have blow-molding holes on the surface, with the middle area completely hollow, allowing for the production of double-sided pallets only and not single-sided pallets. In addition, the direction of using the product with forklifts is generally two-way entry.

Injection-molded pallets have surface appearances that can be flat or in grid shapes, with various structures such as crisscross, checkerboard, heptagonal, and nine-foot patterns at the bottom. They can be produced as single-sided or double-sided products, meeting the needs of customers in different industries and providing greater flexibility.

Compared to blow-molded pallets, injection-molded pallets are lighter in weight and have a lower load-bearing capacity. Typically, the dynamic and static loads are approximately 1 ton.

They are not suitable for use on shelves and are generally used for nine-foot pallets. Injection-molded pallets, on the other hand, are usually heavier in weight, with larger load-bearing capacity, and can meet the demands of various application scenarios.

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