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Maternity & Baby Industry

Maternity & Baby Industry

Injection molding machines are capable of producing a variety of accessories for pacifiers, including but not limited to:

Pacifier: This crucial component of the bottle is the part that your baby directly sucks on. It is produced using food-grade silicone or latex through an injection molding machine.

Bottle Cap: Serving as a vital element of the bottle, the cap helps safeguard the pacifier from contamination. It is typically crafted from plastic material.

Bottle Handles: Some bottles are designed with handles to facilitate easy gripping for your baby. These handles are commonly made of plastic material. Additionally, the bottom of a baby bottle can also be created using an injection molding machine, usually with plastic material.

Leak-Proof Ring: The leak-proof ring plays a pivotal role in preventing milk leakage from the bottle. It is typically made from silicone or other plastic materials.

Maternity & Baby Industry

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