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Correct selection of BMC injection molding machine

To select the right BMC injection molding machine for your product, it is important to first understand the relevant knowledge about BMC material. BMC (DMC) material refers to bulk molding compound, also known as unsaturated polyester bulk molding compound in China. It is mainly composed of GF (short-cut glass fiber), UP (unsaturated resin), MD (filler), and various additives, which are thoroughly mixed to form a bulk pre-preg material.

BMC bulk molding compound has excellent electrical performance, mechanical properties, heat resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is also compatible with various molding processes, making it suitable for meeting the performance requirements of various products. As a result, it is increasingly favored by users. The BMC (DMC) products we encounter are generally produced using two types of equipment: BMC hydraulic presses or BMC automatic feeding injection molding machines.

BMC hydraulic presses rely on manual weighing and manual feeding to complete the molding process, which is dirty, tiring, and involves high temperatures. Moreover, if BMC material accidentally touches the skin, it can cause itching and even occupational diseases over time. On the other hand, BMC automatic feeding injection molding machines are particularly suitable for producing BMC products with embedded parts or high hardness requirements for DMC products. Compared to traditional BMC hydraulic presses, this type of machine offers the following advantages:

1. The hopper can be filled with 15 kg of material at a time, and the machine automatically feeds according to the parameters set by the computer for continuous production, similar to ordinary injection molding machines. When the material is used up, another 15 kg can be added to the hopper. This greatly reduces the number of manual feedings, weighing, and kneading required in traditional production processes.

2. It replaces traditional production processes with automation, greatly improving production efficiency.

3. It reduces the manufacturer’s raw material costs, saves labor costs, and improves product quality and yield.

4. Different injection systems can be matched according to customer requirements for product strength, with multiple injection systems to choose from (ZDZS automatic feeding plunger type, BMC automatic feeding screw type, HBMC automatic feeding screw plunger composite type), reducing damage to glass fibers and ensuring product strength.

In this era, people do not have the subjective pressure of life, but they have decent job requirements. The traditional process is dirty, tiring, and involves high temperatures, which cannot retain employees in such a working environment. The advent of automatic feeding BMC (DMC) injection molding machines effectively alleviates the current difficulty in recruiting workers and the rise in labor costs, accelerating the development of enterprises from traditional production processes toward automation, digitization, and energy-saving processes.

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