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All Electric High Speed Injection Machine

Electronic Components Industry injection machine

The Application of All Electric High Speed Injection Machine

  • Manufacturing of daily necessities:

Enabling the production of a wide array of essential daily items, such as plastic cups, boxes, bowls, and chopsticks.

  • Medical device manufacturing:

Facilitating the production of diverse medical devices, including infusion sets, syringes, and blood collection tubes.

  • Auto parts manufacturing:

Empowering the production of auto parts, ranging from interior components to exterior parts and electrical wiring harnesses.

  • Electronic product manufacturing:

Enabling the manufacturing of an assortment of electronic products, such as mobile phone cases, TV cases, and laptop cases.

  • Plastic packaging manufacturing:

Supporting the production of diverse plastic packaging solutions, including food packaging, daily chemical product packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging.

  • Thin-wall products:

Capable of manufacturing precision plastic products like light guide plates, rubber frames, integrated rubber and iron components, connectors, and mobile phone PC protective covers.

The Advantages of All Electric Injection Molding Machine

  • Unparalleled energy efficiency:

By eliminating energy loss and heat loss in the hydraulic system, the electric drive system maximizes energy efficiency to its fullest potential.

  • Lightning-fast responsiveness:

The electric drive system boasts rapid response times, enabling precise motion control and achieving higher injection speeds.

  • Whisper-quiet operation and environmental consciousness:

With no reliance on high-pressure fluids in hydraulic pumps and systems, this system significantly reduces noise and vibrations. There is also zero risk of hydraulic oil pollution or leakage, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

  • Enhanced precision and stability:

The electric drive system offers exceptional control over the speed, position, and force of each moving part, resulting in an injection process that is remarkably precise and accurate.

  • Minimal maintenance costs:

Say goodbye to costly hydraulic oil requirements. Thanks to the electric drive system’s high efficiency, the machine experiences fewer failures and downtime, ultimately reducing repair and maintenance expenses.

The Technical Parameter of All-Electric Injection Molding Machine

Technical ParameterUnitQD-180T
Injection UnitScrew Diametermm404550
Injection Capacityg220278343
Injection PressureMPa243221198
Injection Speedmm/s350-1000
Screw Rotation Speedrpm0-300
Clamping UnitClamping ForceKN1800
Tie Rod Spacingmm520*520
Toggle Strokemm480
Min.Mold Thicknessmm200
Max.Mold Thicknessmm520
Ejector Strokemm180
Thimble Root Numberpcs5
OthersElectrothermal PowerKW10.2
Machine Dimensions (L*W*H)M4.8*1.6*2.0
Machine WeightT6.8

The All Electric Injection Products Sample

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