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Two Platen Injection Molding Machine

Two Platen Injection Molding Machine

The Application of Two Platen Injection Molding Machine For Chair Producing

Injection molding machines offer the capability to produce various essential parts for chairs, including:

  • Seat shells:

The injection molding process allows for the creation of chair seat shells in a multitude of shapes, colors, and sizes, tailored to specific design requirements.

  • Chair legs:

From four upright legs to stabilizers, injection molding machines can craft chair legs in diverse shapes, heights, and strengths, perfectly matching the desired specifications.

  • Armrests:

Some chairs feature armrests for enhanced comfort and support. Injection molding machines can effortlessly manufacture these armrests, ensuring consistent design aesthetics and functionality.

  • Screws and nuts:

Chairs often require screws and nuts to securely connect different components. Injection molding machines are capable of producing these essential fasteners, guaranteeing reliable and sturdy chair assembly.

  • Cushions and backrests:

To maximize comfort, chairs commonly incorporate cushions and backrests. Injection molding machines excel at producing these elements, offering customization options such as varying thicknesses, elasticity levels, and an array of colors, resulting in comfortable and visually appealing seating solutions.

The Advantages of 2 Platen Injection Molding Machines

  • Extended opening stroke:

The die opening and locking stroke of our machine is not constrained by its structure, making it particularly suitable for deep-cavity products in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and furniture production.

  • Precise control of clamping force:

Our machine utilizes full hydraulic control for clamping, enabling linear control of clamping force. With a balanced four-pull-rod force distribution, we ensure accurate and consistent force control.

  • Rapid mold opening and precise positioning:

Our machine incorporates low-pressure fast-opening and closing mold cylinders, allowing for swift and accurate mold positioning while providing enhanced mold protection.

  • Exceptional reliability and longevity:

Our machine boasts inorganic hinge wear and excellent clamping force repeatability, resulting in high stability and uniform force distribution. This ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

  • Space-saving design:

Compared to traditional toggle-type machines, our clamping unit is shorter, optimizing space utilization without compromising functionality or performance.

The Technical Parameter of Double Platen Injection Moulding Machine

Technical ParameterUnitZH-650T-DP
Injection UnitScrew Diametermm8090
Injection Strokemm450450
Theoretical Injection Volumecm322602860
Injection Capacityg20792631
Injection PressureMpa205173
Injection Speed (50Hz)mm/s115
Melt Speedrpm10-200
Clamping UnitClamping ForceKN6500
Tie Rod Spacingmm960*960
Min.Mold Thicknessmm350
Max.Mold ThicknessmmCustomization
Toggle Strokemm1300
Ejector Strokemm260
Ejetor ForceKN15.5
Thimble Root Numberpcs13
OthersAmount Of Oil UsedL750
Max.Pump PressureMpa16
Pump Motor PowerKW48+30
Electrothermal PowerKW25
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)M8.2*2.7*2.6
Machine WeightT36


The Injection Samples

Two Platen Injection Molding Machine

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