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What To Do When The LED Strip is Too Long During Installation?

When installing LED strips, it’s common to encounter situations where the strip is too long. LED strips are primarily decorative and do not serve as the main source of lighting. Space constraints often lead to the need for trimming.

LED strips have scissor marks at regular intervals, indicating where they can be cut. For example, Opple’s 24V low-voltage LED strips have a cutting point every six LEDs, with each segment typically measuring 10cm.

High-voltage LED strips, on the other hand, may have cutting points every 1m or even 2m. It’s important not to cut them in the middle, as this could cause the entire set of lights to fail. If you only need 2.5m of LED strip, fold the excess half meter back or cover it with black tape to avoid local over-brightness.

The use of LED strips is not limited to one method; low-voltage LED strips can also be used on ceilings. The key is to choose the appropriate product based on the actual application.

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