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What shapes do LED bulbs come in?

There is a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes of light bulbs available on the market.

Each light bulb shape has a name, consisting of letters and numbers; the letters represent the shape, and the numbers indicate the size.

For example, a common household light bulb is the “A60” bulb. Here, “A” stands for the shape of the bulb, and “60” is the diameter at the bulb’s widest point.

The following are some common and popular types of LED light bulbs:

  • A range of general lighting bulbs, one of the commonly used bulb shapes, with models ranging from A15 to A95, and wattages from 3W to 20W, usual sizes include A15, A19, A21, A23.
  • The G series bulbs have a round and essentially spherical shape, with a surface brightness lower than that of the A series bulbs.
  • The T series has a tall and narrow tubular shape, typically used for vintage Edison-style light bulbs.
  • The B series represents the blunt or bulged series, commonly used as decorative and festive lighting.
  • The R series bulbs are slightly more expensive than some other types and are designed to illuminate specific objects or surfaces.
  • The BR series combines the B and R series into retrofit bulbs, which also have a reflective coating on the inside.
  • The PS series pear-shaped bulbs are very similar to the A series bulbs.

Among these, A-type, G-type, and T-type are suitable for the production of ZHENHUA LED bulbs injection molding machines due to factors such as inflation ratio, materials, machine size, etc.

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