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Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Machine

Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Machine

The Application of LSR Injection Molding Machine in Silicone Pacifier

Injection molding machines offer versatility in producing a wide range of accessories for pacifiers, including but not limited to:

  • Pacifier:

The essential component of the bottle, directly responsible for your baby’s sucking comfort. It is produced using food-grade silicone or latex through precise injection molding techniques.

  • Bottle cap:

Serving as a vital protective element, the bottle cap shields the pacifier from contamination. Typically crafted from sturdy plastic materials, it ensures hygiene and convenience.

  • Bottle handles:

Designed to facilitate your baby’s grip, some bottles feature handles for ease of use. These handles, usually made of durable plastic, enhance the ergonomic design of the bottle, making feeding time a breeze.

  • Bottle base:

The bottom part of a baby bottle can also be produced using the injection molding process, employing resilient plastic materials. This ensures stability and durability, providing a solid foundation for the overall bottle structure.

  • Leak-proof ring:

The leak-proof ring plays a crucial role in preventing milk leakage from the bottle. Usually manufactured using high-quality silicone or other reliable plastic materials, it ensures a secure and mess-free feeding experience.

The Advantages of Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Machine

  • Unparalleled versatility:

The injection amount and speed of silicone can be precisely controlled to cater to diverse product designs, ensuring seamless adaptation to the requirements of various products.

  • Effortless operation:

The simplicity and user-friendliness of silicone injection molding make it easy to operate and quick to learn. Its high level of automation not only saves labor and time costs but also enhances operational efficiency.

  • Time-efficient production:

By utilizing liquid silicone material, the injection speed is accelerated, resulting in shorter molding times. This time-saving advantage optimizes production efficiency, allowing for swift and streamlined manufacturing processes.

  • Consistent product excellence:

With exceptional injection accuracy and stability, the process enables meticulous control over silicone injection, ensuring consistent product sizes, impeccable surface quality, and a reduced defect rate. This guarantees unwavering product excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • Wide-ranging applications:

Silicone injection molding finds extensive utilization across various industries, producing an array of silicone products. From sealing rings and electronic accessories to medical equipment, baby pacifiers, and tableware, the possibilities are endless, catering to diverse needs and requirements.

The Technical Parameter of LSR Injection Machines

Technical Parameter Unit ZH-120T
Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 50 55 60
Theoretical Injection Volume OZ 18 22 26
Injection Capacity g 490 590 706
Injection Pressure MPa 209 169 142
Screw Rotation Speed rpm 0-170
Clamping Unit Clamping Force KN 2680
Toggle Stroke mm 530
Tie Rod Spacing mm 570*570
Max.Mold Thickness mm 570
Min.Mold Thickness mm 230
Ejection Stroke mm 130
Ejector Force KN 62
Thimble Root Number pcs 13
Others Max. Pump Pressure Mpa 16
Pump Motor Power KW 30
Electrothermal Power KW 16
Machine Dimensions (L*W*H) M 6.3*1.8*2.2
Machine Weight T 9.5

The LSR Pacifier Injection Sample


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